Discover Our staffing solution...

Staffing your company may be your prime objective. Recruiting applicants is Jobs at Able business specialty. Recruiting employees for more than 20 years has given Jobs at Able the edge. Resumes and applications make up our expansive database of potential employees.

Customized staffing solutions are given to each company that utilizes Jobs at ABLE for their hiring needs. Jobs at Able Client Representatives specialize in your company. Each assigned representative gets to know your company’s hiring requirements for each individual job you want to fill. He or she is required to learn about the work place and skills required to do the job effectively. Screening and background check criteria are discussed and administered per your company’s specifications. The Client Rep is involved directly in the recruiting process. He or she becomes a personal liaison between your company and the employee. It is this personal relationship between us and your company that we feel makes us so successful in what we do.

  Our customized staffing solution comes complete with customized invoicing and payroll service solutions. State and federal reports, workers compensation fees, wage garnishments and employee paperwork all become the responsibility of Jobs at Able.

Payroll services, including payroll financing, are handled per individual company. Invoicing may be received by email, fax, or by traditional mail carrier. Payments can be made online or by mail and can be company check or credit card.

Whether your company is requiring a single job to be filled, a crew or shift to be maintained or seasonal operations to be accommodated, Jobs at Able never requires a long term contract or commitment. We believe that we should work hard to keep your business not make you sign a contract to keep it.

Just for you, let us do what we do best - recruit people.