Jobs at Able begins the arduous task of recruiting a complete and well worded job description. Our staff is experienced in how to put together your company's job specifications. These descriptions for your company's open positions have to contain key elements in order to be effective. Descriptions need to include duties, hours, and pay. Level of education, specialized training requirements or years of experience at a particular skill or job must also be considered. This information has to be presented in such a fashion as to draw in the appropriate employee candidates. Primary responsibilities must be either clearly documented and presented with the job posting or clearly understood by the contact person so that questions regarding the open job position can be addressed. Jobs at Able's staff performs this service for our clients.


Recruiting for potential candidates through multiple facets is what Jobs at Able does. Candidates of interest can be recruited in various ways such as word of mouth, government agencies, job fairs, college job boards, churches, newspaper ads, Jobs At Able website, and various other job boards. Candidates seeking from all different sources are funneled into Jobs At Able's database and can be selected by skill and experience. With this we can search for a vast array of personnel. Whether it be position for clerical, industrial, welder, cdl driver, assembly and many more, we have it covered.


Some clients stop at the first step with a job posting preferring to perform the remainder of the recruiting process themselves. However, most of our clients opt to have Jobs at Able continue the recruiting process for them. Once the applications and resumes have been pre-screened for the necessary qualifications, the second step of recruiting is implemented. Interviewing applicants is the Jobs at Able second step to the recruiting process. Jobs at Able begins step two with a standard set of questions asked of each applicant. The questions have been designed to provide insight into the personality and work ethics of each applicant while allowing him or her equal opportunity for initial consideration. An additional set of more applicant specific questions are asked. This may be done immediately following the first interview or during a second scheduled interview as dictated by factors such as number of applicants applying for the open position, client company’s requirements, or number of open positions available. Questions are kept professional and legal. Jobs at Able has the knowledge of labor laws and recruiting necessary to conduct effective interviews.

Test and Assess

After the number of applicants has been curtailed, step three can be introduced. Some client companies complete the first two steps of recruiting themselves and use Jobs at Able for the next step in their hiring practices. Pre- testing and skill assessment is the next step. Applicants complete a skills assessment. The skills pertinent to the open position are then verified. Verification may be done by a number of ways depending on the skill being questioned. Skills tests may be given and evaluated, certificates may have to be verified, or calls to training facilities and previous employers may need to be made. These are some of the verification procedures used. Pre- testing encompasses a wide variety of testing each dictated by our client companies. These tests are need to aide in determining whether the applicant has the skill needed to perform the specific job opening. Examples of such testing would be a typing test given to an applicant wanting a secretarial position or a math test administered to an applicant for a manufacturing position. Tests are administered and scored. Applicant scores are weighed along with other qualifications to determine if an applicant progresses to the next step of the Jobs at Able recruiting process.


Once an applicant has had their application or resume pre-screened, has been through interviewing, been tested and has had their skills evaluated and verified, he or she may move forward in the recruiting process at Jobs at Able. Background checks and history is step four of the Jobs at Able recruiting process. Employment history which has not been already verified in the skills assessment step of our recruiting process is now verified. A set of predefined questions is asked of each previous employer listed by the job candidate. These predetermined questions assure that each applicant is screened in the same manner. A log of the screening process is kept on each applicant. Background checks can include a local criminal background check, social security verification, nationwide criminal background check, MVR and more. Checks may be run on the basis of client company policies, the nature of the job opening or mandated laws. Jobs at Able never uses the results as the sole reason to deny an applicant . Results of these checks are used to best place an applicant in a job position and to contribute to a safe work environment.


After completion of the background checks, final applicants are chosen. If more than one qualified applicant remains, the perspective candidates are brought in to be further interviewed and a determination is made as to whether or not they still want the open position. Wage negotiations and final interviews by the client company usually are the deciding factors at this stage. Client companies at this stage of the recruiting process then determine what hiring options are best for their company. For example, they may elect to hire the employee direct or try them for an agreed upon time period to see if the employee is indeed what they were looking for.


Customizing services is what Jobs at Able does for each of our client companies. Whether your company needs Jobs at Able to perform one recruiting step or the entire recruiting process, we are here for you. Jobs at Able is ready, we are willing, and we are Able to get the job done right.