In 1994, Rodney Lemons had the vision...

to see the possibility of taking his more than 25 years experience, in the human resources and manufacturing industries, and putting it to work for the community. In October of that year, Rodney opened an employee staffing office in White Oak, Texas. What began as a two person office quickly grew into a small office team employing more than 100 people at a time and finding employment for more than 800 employees each year. Employment which began in the Piney Woods of Texas, soon overflowed into Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. In 1998, a second office used strictly for records and payroll processing was established in Longview, Texas.

Because the company was independently owned and operated, it was not limited by what it could or could not do from any outside guidelines. This started a trend in the area for other agencies to keep up. Rodney and the office in White Oak had an open door to all industry types and all employment needs. If an employer could suggest it, the White Oak office could find a way to get it done. Today, the philosophy and principals that the company

  was founded on, still exists. Whether it is, testing, screening, payroll processing or any combination of employment needs that the community needs, its needs are being met.

2009 marked a year of change for the company. A new company was formed with the name Jobs at Able, LLC to incorporate the change to a limited liability company and to celebrate a new web presence. The new web site allowed the vast growing employment pool of the company to expand beyond the walls of the office in White Oak. Employees could now apply for work from anywhere the world wide web extended itself. Employers could access the more than 7000 applications and ever growing number of resumes in search of the right applicant for an open position.

Currently, Jobs at Able is moving forward through their website. Jobs at Able has teamed up with a SEO company to increase their web presence and optimize the site itself. Additional phases and ideas to meet the every growing needs of the employment industry are under development for another promising year.