Jobs at Able knows employment

We have over 30 years combined experience in the human resources field. We have a team dedicated to your industry needs with employees that know how to work with your employment specifications.

Jobs at Able employees can be seen around the community every day performing their jobs.  Their qualified work habits make them seem like the average employee but the jobs they do have a great impact in the community.

Tornados, hurricanes and winter storms greatly impact communities.  It is Jobs at Able employees who have bolstered crews to help put back power lines and do clean up in the wake of these natural disasters.  Our dedicated staff has worked weekends and nights to deploy employees for crews in all areas of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Last minute drug testing and screening in other cities was done efficiently and effectively through partnerships with facilities outside the White Oak, Texas area.

 Buildings are being constructed all the time in growing cities.  Jobs at Able employees are hard at work on crews erecting scaffolding for the construction of these buildings. Employees for these crews must not only pass drug tests but also must meet physical requirements and thorough background checks for this job. Applicants were prescreened with job interviews scheduled and conducted by phone. Final applicant were interviewed by crew chiefs and put to work.

Plastics are used by people every day.  Jobs at ABLE employees are instrumental in the making of those parts.


Employees for this very specialized industry must be able to operate machinery quickly and without stopping the machine.  Applicants for the job must be screened for mechanical aptitude.  A 10 year minimum background screen must be passed so that employees can access security areas.  Solid work history is a must in this industry.

Cool in the summer and warm in the winter is how we like our offices, restaurants and retail buildings to feel.  Jobs at ABLE employees help with this too.  Employees are hard at work building the parts and pieces that are used in mounting the huge HVAC units on the rooftops of many of our buildings. These employees can not just walk into such a manufacturing facility and go to work.  They first must be able to pass math and measurement tests, drug screening and background checks.

We have years of experience in developing these and many other types of employment solutions. Jobs at Able strives to keep up with the every changing world of employment. Through the use of computer technology together with old fashioned hard work, we pride ourselves on not offering a one-size-fits-all solution but rather, a solution tailored to fit the screening and testing requirements suited for our client company's’ individual employment needs and the job seeker's individual job seeking needs.  This approach keeps Jobs at Able successful and on time.

Whether a job seeker or an employer, we will find a comprehensive employment solution that takes care of your employment quickly and efficiently.